Santa Fe Jewelry
Rare Yellow Montana Agate set in Sterling Silver   45 X 25 mm.
   Price $360.00
This page was last updated on: May 5, 2023

Clear Montana Agate with  black inclusions.
Sterling Silver
     34 X 23 mm.
     Price $300.00
Unusual Red Montana, clear background with some black inclusions. set in Sterling Silver.           35 X 25 mm.
Price $325.00
Rare Blue and Tan,Morrison Ranch Jasper from Christine Marie mine. set in Sterling Sliver
      43 X22 mm.
    Price $290.00         
Imperial Jasper set in
Sterling Sliver
    34 X27 mm.
    Price $190.00
Chrysocolla / Malachite
Set in Sterling Sliver
     35 X 25 mm.
     Price $190.00
Reticulated Nickel Silver, Mokume Gane domes, Sterling bezels and dangles, Turquoise 
Reticulated Nickel Silver, Sterling, Brass and copper lamination and in curls
Enamel set in Sterling Silver 60 X 44 mm
    Price $325.00