Three grinding and polishing stations, rebuilt
trim saw, and sanding unit. Cabinetry for supplies.
Trophy wall, tool chests for bench tools and mini torches, Alarm system. Neycraft furnace
in the corner.                         Click photo
Rolling mill, Hydraulic Die forming press,Investment vacuum,Drill press and stackable pullout storage trays.

Jewelers bench 2'X4' sits on top of 3'X5' school teachers desk, plenty of storage. Added a roll out drawer and swing out arm rest under top
Natural Gas and oxygen torch and Foredom hang from post on the right.  
Just rebuilt the horizontal 18" Great Western slab saw. This model saves a lot of space with it's two panel folding top.
More cabinetry, Polishing unit, Taurus Three, ring saw, Wax injector, Spin caster, vulcanizing press and two horsepower air compressor round out the studio.
" The clean room" for faceting. Showing polishing the table of a stone still in the ring.    Click photo
Center desk drawer with tray for filings and saw dust.
Alphabetical slab storage inventory..